New to Netflix in April

From April 1st

The magical prank show with Justin Willman:

In keeping with the launch date, this reality series brings entertaining pranks for which magician Justin Willman uses his skills.

from April 3rd

Files of the Unexplained:

The documentary series from the USA shows exciting missing person cases and “cold cases” that border on the paranormal.

from April 4th


Tom Ripley lives as a petty criminal in New York in the 1960s. When he travels to Italy on an assignment, his life takes an exciting turn.

from April 5th

Scoop – A Royal Interview:

The BBC interview with Prince Andrew caused one of the biggest scandals in the history of the British royal family. This film shows how the research and negotiations for the interview took place.

Parasyte: The Gray:

A type of parasite that feeds on its hosts and seeks power. Can humanity fight them?

The Antisocial Network: Memes, Conspiracy Theories and Violence:

An anonymous social network fueled the rise of QAnon conspiracy theories and the storming of the Capitol. Who is behind it?

from April 10th



an entire sect committed suicide in an Alpine village. When a woman is murdered 30 years later according to the cult's rituals, newcomer Jaro comes under suspicion because of his criminal past.

Jennifer's crime:

This true crime documentary reopens the case of a Vietnamese family who were murdered on behalf of their daughter.

from April 11th

The Bird and the Lioness:

Season 3 of this Turkish drama series picks up right where the previous season left off: Aslı has outplayed Lale for the time being, but the battle of the generations continues.

Heartbreak High:

Season 2 begins a new school year at Hartley High. Which new students are joining and who can win the election as school representative?

from April 12th

The Shining of the Reindeer:

The film adaptation of the award-winning novel of the same name by Ann-Helén Laestadius. An indigenous woman tries to defend her roots in the face of a changing society.

Wall to Wall:

Aitana shares a wall with her neighbor, but their lives couldn't be more different. Do they tolerate each other and maybe even fall in love?

from April 17th

The Circle: USA:

The social media competition is back. Who will manage to become the top influencer in season 6 and can therefore collect the prize money?

from April 19th

Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scar Maker:

In the second part, Kora continues her fight for her homeland together with the other survivors


However, on the evening before the big battle, something becomes clear to them.

from April 25th

City Hunter:

This live-action adaptation of the hit manga of the same name shows the life of the cool private detective Ryo Saeba.

from April 26th

The Asunta Case:

This fictional miniseries deals with the murder of twelve-year-old Asunta Basterra, which shocked Spain.

New to Amazon Prime Video in April

From April 1st


: Seasons 1 to 8 of the thriller series about secret agent Carrie Mathison will be added to the catalog.

from April 3rd

Get Out:

Director Jordan Peele's thriller deals with the racism of the white upper class in the USA in a disturbing way.

from April 4th


Rudy Mancuso wants to pave his career path as an artist. Can he withstand the pressure of love, family and his Brazilian culture?

from April 5th

How to Date Billy Walsh:

Amelia and Archie have been best friends forever, but Archie is secretly in love. When Amelia falls in love with exchange student Billy Walsh, feelings run high.

Batman Returns:

The iconic sequel to the 1992

comic book adaptation

Batman , starring Michael Keaton and directed by Tim Burton.

Ice Age:

All films in the animated series except the fourth part will be included in the Amazon catalog.

from April 7th

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

: In this film from director Zack Snyder, the two stars of the DC comic universe compete against each other.

Matrix, Matrix Reloaded & Matrix Revolutions:

The groundbreaking sci-fi classic and its two sequels starring Keanu Reeves.

from April 10th

Batman Begins, The Dark Knight & The Dark Knight Rises:

All three parts of Christopher Nolan's Batman reboot with a lot of action.

from April 11th


One of the most successful video game series of all time is slipping into series form. In season 1, the residents of the fallout bunker have to return to the nuclear-contaminated outside world.

from April 12th

The Hateful 8:

Quentin Tarantino's eighth film is a western that takes the form of a chamber play. Included are, among others, Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russel.

from April 15th

Pretty Little Liars

: All seasons of the US cult series will be included in the Amazon offer.


The iconic hospital series also lands on Amazon Prime Video with all nine seasons.

from April 18th

Going Home with Tyler Cameron:

Tyler Cameron once took part in the dating show “The Bachelorette” and now he wants to start his own construction company. Is the venture successful?

from April 25th

THEM: The Scare:

In season 2 of the horror series, Detective Dawn Reeve is entrusted with solving a gruesome murder of a foster mother. Can she stop the murderer?

from April 28th

Birds Of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn):

After the events of

Suicide Squad

, Harley Quinn teams up with three superheroines to save a little girl.

New to Disney+ in April

From April 1st

Vanderpump Villa:

Entrepreneur and actress Lisa Vanderpump owns a luxurious estate in France. What does your employees’ everyday working life look like?

from April 3rd


In this animated musical comedy, young Asha teams up with a boundless bundle of energy named Stern to defeat a fearsome enemy.

Undead Unluck:

Fuuko Izumo uses her Unluck ability to kill people who get too close to her. Then she meets Andy, who would like to die but can't.

from April 6th

The Fable:

“Fable” is a precise assassin who is feared in the Japanese underworld. His biggest challenge begins when his employer tells him not to kill anyone for a year.

from April 7th

Go! Go! Loser Ranger!:

13 years ago, the army of evil threatened the Earth until the Divine Dragon Rangers defeated them. Since then, the army has been subjugated and forced to submit to humiliation for entertainment. But then a soldier rebels against the Rangers.


: The puppy Bluey experiences more exciting adventures in the third season of the animated series.

from April 10th

Iwájú: In futuristic Nigeria, two best friends give each other insights into their very different lives and discover exciting secrets.

Blood Free:

Humanity has completely transitioned to consuming artificially produced meat. But more and more people distrust the manufacturer BF.

The Prank Panel:

In this reality series, contestants suggest pranks to well-known comedians like Eric Andre and Johnny Knoxville. If the jury likes the idea, the prank is put into action.

from April 12th

The Greatest Hits:

Harriet discovers that she can use music to go back in time and relive moments with her ex-boyfriend. But time travel slowly spills over into the present.

See you in another life

: This Spanish series retells the Madrid train attacks in 2004 based on a personal story.

from April 22nd

The mysterious world of octopuses:

Octopuses are both highly intelligent and extremely strange creatures. The Oscar-winning filmmaker James Cameron provides insights into their world.

Disneynature Tiger:

This documentary follows the life of a mother tiger and her cubs in Asia.

Disneynature Tigers on the Rise:

The film linked to “Tiger” looks at the development of tiger populations and the return of the majestic hunter to nature.

from April 24th


Crime series based on the novel of the same name by Jeffrey Deaver. Colter goes into exceptional situations to save people who the police can't help.

from April 26th

Thank you, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story:

The band Bon Jovi has been delighting rock audiences for 40 years. This series retells the success story and follows singer Jon Bon Jovi's vocal injury, which threatens the band's future.