Vitamin D deficiency is a risk to heart health

Vitamin D participates in bone metabolism. D.B.A

The German health portal "Helpraxisent" indicated that vitamin D is one of the important vitamins for vital processes in the body, and a deficiency of this vitamin poses a great risk to life, especially heart health. German experts recommended providing the body with sufficient amounts of vitamin D, following a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, exercising, and paying attention to cholesterol and blood pressure.

There are many foods that can supply the body with vitamin D for bone and muscle growth, and doctors confirm that the main source for the body to obtain the vitamin is sunlight, which contributes to the body obtaining 80-90% of its vitamin D needs, and among foods are Rich in vitamin D: fish, especially red, smoked eel, eggs, margarine, mushrooms, beef liver and butter. It should be noted that vitamin D participates in the bone metabolism process, and ensures that calcium and phosphorus can be better processed and transported to the bones and teeth. In addition, it participates in regulating calcium levels in the blood, strengthens bones and promotes protein synthesis, which in turn improves muscle growth.

Experts point out that increasing the level of vitamin D also poses a risk by increasing the level of calcium in the blood, which harms heart health, as well as kidney disease and osteoporosis, but nutritional supplements must be taken under medical supervision.