Singer Naul posted a poster for the movie 'National Foundation War' on social media, but closed the comment window after some netizens continued to leave malicious comments.

On the 12th, Naul posted a poster of her movie 'Foundation of the Nation' and a photo of a Bible that appears to have been used by former President Syngman Rhee on her SNS. Along with this, he added the Bible verse, 'Christ has set us free, so stand firm in him and do not be subject again to a yoke of bondage. (Galatians 5:1) King James Version.'

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‘National Foundation War’ is a documentary film about the life and achievements of former President Syngman Rhee. Naul, who is known to be a devout Christian, appears to have posted a proof photo on social media after watching 'The National Foundation War', which tells the life story of former President Syngman Rhee, who was also a Christian.

Afterwards, some netizens poured out sharp criticism towards Naul, and conversely, a debate broke out with netizens defending Naul and former President Syngman Rhee. Naul closed the comment window on the post, but then a series of controversial comments continued through the comment window on Naul's previous post.

Netizens who criticized Naul said, "As a fan of Naul for over 20 years, this post is truly shocking. How can someone who is normally reticent and quiet reveal his political tastes so boldly and carelessly?", "Study some history," and "Naul." “I am bowing out from today. I hope that as a public figure, I will have a correct historical consciousness.”, “How can I praise Syngman Rhee?”, “Wrong beliefs have led to ignorance,” “We must be careful considering the impact of wrong historical views and ideologies on young fans.” They expressed their displeasure by pointing out things like “I would do it,” and “Is it the heart of Christians to defend massacres?”

On the contrary, netizens who defended Naul said, "I will also go see 'National Foundation War,'" and "It is a movie that touched my heart and made me cry. I am so grateful that Korea did not become a communist country. The left-wing, distorted perception of history is eating away at the country's national character. They left comments such as “It hurts my heart to think that there is,” “I support your courage,” and “First of all, shouldn’t you watch the ‘Founding War’ movie and try to understand why you posted something like that?”

[Photo = Naul’s Instagram]

(SBS Entertainment News Reporter Kang Seon-ae)