Delivery drivers (riders) submitted 1,500 rider and citizen petitions to the prosecution calling for severe punishment for Ahn, a club DJ in his 20s who hit and killed a motorcycle deliveryman while driving drunk in Gangnam.

The Riders Union branch of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Public Transport Workers' Union held a press conference in front of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office on the morning of the 13th and said, "The law on drunk driving accidents has been strengthened, but the punishment is only mild, creating a driving culture that is lenient on drinking." "There is no change. We will watch until the end to see whether the perpetrator of this incident is properly punished," he said.

Mr. Ahn, who is suspected of hitting and killing a motorcycle deliveryman while drinking and driving a Mercedes-Benz in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu in the early morning of the 3rd, is being detained and handed over to the prosecution for investigation.

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Rider Union Chairman Koo Gyo-hyeon said, “For delivery workers, the workplace is on the road.” He added, “For many workers such as cargo, courier, and substitute drivers who work on the road, drunk driving (of another vehicle) is like running into my workplace with a weapon and causing a disturbance. “It’s the same,” he said, raising his voice.

Rider Union also released the results of an emergency survey conducted on 40 riders during the holiday season on 'experiences of drunken accidents'.

More than 30% of respondents responded that they had either been involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver or had heard of a fellow rider's accident.

Approximately 60% of respondents said they saw a drunk driver while on the job, and these were mainly cases of people driving while drunk, falling asleep on the road, or coming out of a bar and staggering behind the wheel.

In the case of one rider, he was hit by a drunk driver in the early morning of December 17th last year, was thrown into the air, and fell to the ground. He is still in the hospital and suffering from trauma.

Rider Union also plans to form a 'Rider Drunk Driving Monitoring Group' to systematically monitor drunk driving.

Jeon Seong-bae, head of the Rider Safety Guard, said, "From June to November last year, 20 union members organized the 'Safety Guard' and made over 500 reports of road damage and dangerous substances, 3 rescues, and 1 report of drunk driving." “We will significantly increase the scale of our activities and monitor dangerous factors on the roads, such as drunk driving, throughout Seoul,” he said.

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