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“Even on New Year’s Day, the police officers worked hard and couldn’t rest, so I wanted to buy them a meal.”

The story of a citizen who paid for the food of police officers working hard even during the holidays brings warmth.

According to the Chuncheon Police Station today (13th), Inspector Ahn Joong-woo and Constable Yoon Hyeon-seok from the traffic management department were assigned to traffic control in the area of ​​Chuncheon Restoration Home and Dongsan Memorial Park in Gunjari, Dongsan-myeon, Chuncheon, from 9 a.m. on Lunar New Year's Day on the 10th.

They worked hard to organize traffic for over 3 hours and 30 minutes in cold weather to ensure smooth traffic flow for the mourners who had flocked to the funeral since early morning.

Then, when the number of visitors to the graves decreased, I went to a restaurant near the park for lunch.

Police Chief Ahn and Police Officer Yoon, who had to work on traffic control even in the afternoon, chose hangover soup that they could eat in a hurry.

The restaurant owner approached the people who were busy spooning and said this.

“The male customer at the table behind us paid the bill for us, saying, ‘Even on Lunar New Year’s Day, the police officers are working hard and can’t rest. I want to buy a meal.’”

Surprised Inspector Ahn and Police Officer Yoon repeatedly declined the favor, saying it was okay, but they paid 20,000 for the meal. The man who paid 3,000 won had already left the restaurant.

Those who quickly left the restaurant bowed and said “thank you” to the man, estimated to be in his 60s, who paid for their meal.

Inspector Ahn said, “Thanks to the citizens’ warm encouragement and support for the police, I was able to work with more energy even during the Lunar New Year holiday.”

Netizens who heard the story showed warm reactions, such as "We support the police officers who worked silently for the citizens even during the holidays and the warm citizens who paid for their meals," and "It feels like spring has already come with the heartwarming news. Thank you."