In an evening filled with classic masterpieces at the Abu Dhabi Festival

“The Violin Miracle” plays with young Emirati musicians

Leah Tzu is one of the most charming young violinists. From the source

In an evening filled with masterpieces of classical music, and with the participation of a number of young Emirati musicians, the Abu Dhabi Festival, in cooperation with the British School in Al Khubairat in Abu Dhabi, organized last Friday an evening by international violinist Lea Tzu, as part of the activities of the festival that celebrates China as the guest of honor in its 21st session.

The founder of the Abu Dhabi Group for Culture and Arts, founder and artistic director of the Abu Dhabi Festival, Hoda Ibrahim Al-Khamis, confirmed that the Abu Dhabi Festival provides the opportunity for all groups to participate within its creative training program through musical lessons, artistic residencies and professional guidance, in cooperation with major international artists at the festival. She said, “We are pleased to work with (The Violin Miracle) by Leah Tzu with 22 talented young Emirati musicians, as a contribution to refining promising talents and improving their artistic taste and knowledge in the fields of arts and classical music, to empower future creators and stimulate their inspiring efforts in the cultural and creative industries sector.”

Lea Tzu was famous for her exceptional musical maturity, profound expressive skills, technical prowess, and the splendor of her performance on the violin. The 17-year-old is considered one of the most charming young violinists, as the public has admired her since she appeared for the first time at the age of four in... Its city is Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Abu Dhabi concert was the culmination of Lea Tzu's week-long artistic residency, during which she worked with a number of the most talented young musicians in the UAE. She trained a group of musicians on the stage of the British School in Al Khubairat, and provided the opportunity for these talents to present a special evening.

Tzu worked with 22 young musicians from the Emirates during the period from the fifth to the ninth of this February. They were carefully selected in an effort to hone their talents. They underwent advanced lessons and participated in intensive training. This interactive period culminated in an evening that presented their talents that reflect their excellence and work alongside talent. Global Tzu.

The evening provided the opportunity for the public to attend the event free of charge, which reflects the Abu Dhabi Community Festival’s commitment to making arts and culture accessible to everyone, as attendees enjoyed a special evening of music.

Hoda Al-Khamis:

• “Abu Dhabi Festival provides the opportunity for all groups to participate within its creative training program.”

• 22 promising talents were trained by Leah Tzu during her artistic residency in Abu Dhabi.