A man in his 20s was sentenced to prison for defrauding an acquaintance of hundreds of millions of won by inducing him to have sex with a woman he had recruited in advance and then threatening to report it as a sex crime if he did not pay the settlement money.

Cheongju District Court Criminal Division 4 Chief Judge Cho Soo-yeon sentenced Mr. A (27), who was handed over to trial on charges of violating the Act on Punishment of Violence, etc. (joint blackmail), to 4 years and 4 months in prison, and Mr. B (28), who participated in the crime, to 2 years. It was announced on the 11th that he was sentenced to two months in prison.

Over a period of about a year starting in January 2022, Mr. A and others held drinking parties under the guise of impromptu meetings with women they had recruited in advance and then invited their acquaintances to induce sexual relations.

In fact, if the victim had a relationship, they extorted money by threatening to say, "The woman said she was raped. We will help you avoid reporting it, so pay the settlement amount."

They also extorted money by threatening to report one person for drunk driving after intentionally causing an accident when one person was drinking with an acquaintance and asked to get out of the car for a moment and induced the other person to drive.

Mr. A and others targeted friends and seniors they had known for the crime. There were about 20 victims and the amount of damage was about 300 million won.

These gangs also showed meticulousness in dividing their roles into those who lured men into having sex, those who had sex with women, and those who threatened victims by impersonating their guardians.

Previously, the police applied the same charges to 24 people who conspired with Mr. A and others and sent them to the prosecution.

Chief Judge Cho said, "The nature of the crime is very bad considering the method of the crime, and the women who participated in the crime include minors, so they need to be severely punished." He explained the reason for sentencing, saying, “I took all these factors into consideration.”

(Photo = Provided by Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)