A resident group opposing the government's expansion of medical school admissions quota is switching to an emergency response committee system.

The Korean Medical Residents Association (Daejeon Association) announced today (13th) that all executives except Chairman Park Dan will resign and switch to an emergency response committee system.

This is because the agenda for non-representative conversion was discussed and passed at an extraordinary general meeting of delegates held online the night before.

At the general meeting, the Daejeon Association discussed response measures and future plans, including collective action to prevent the government from increasing the number of medical schools.

The meeting ended well after midnight.

Daejeon Cooperative announced on its official website that it was switching to a non-commissioned committee system today, but did not mention any specific collective action plan.

Previously, on the 5th, Daejeon Medical Association hinted at the possibility of collective action by revealing that a survey of 10,000 residents at 140 teaching hospitals asking, "Would you participate in group action when medical schools are expanded?" revealed that 88.2% expressed willingness to participate. there is.

Park Min-soo, Second Vice Minister of Health and Welfare, said at a briefing today, "We are fortunate that the residents have not expressed their position on taking collective action. Since it is not confirmed whether they will take collective action or not, we will not let down our guard and “We will continue to monitor it,” he said.

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