His name was

Paolo Pasqualini and he was 39 years old

, he died when he was mauled by 3 rottweilers in the Manziana woods which he knew well, where he often walked or ran, but this time, something went wrong: it will be the

Civitavecchia Prosecutor's Office

- which is awaiting full information by the Carabinieri - to resolve the doubts about the three dogs that killed Paolo.

But in the meantime there was only the shock and amazement of friends and relatives when the news spread.

The dream of graduation



worked in a supermarket in Rome as a foreman

, a job that gave him a living, while he lived in the small town of Manziana, on the outskirts of the capital, but he had


secret dream

: he had in fact enrolled in the University where he studied

Sports Sciences.

What happened in the Manziana woods, two witnesses: "We heard screaming"

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Manziana forest

The passion for sport, music

He really wanted a degree in a discipline that - they say - he loved very much, in fact he practiced

sports, loved taking long walks and jogging

: he hadn't been able to run for a while because he had to treat a

small problem with his sciatic nerve. 

On his social profile, the smiling face, the light eyes: in the background his passions:

photos of natural landscapes, the sea, the mountains and precisely: the forest

, where unfortunately he met the 3 rotweilers and found their death.


via Trevignano, Manziana

Manziana: rottweiler owners risk manslaughter 

Manslaughter and animal cruelty. These are the charges that the owners of the three dogs risk. At the moment the Civitavecchia prosecutor's office, in charge of the investigations, is waiting for the first information from the carabinieri. After viewing it you will decide whether to register the two people, as is very likely, on the register of suspects.

It is a man and a woman, both owners of the animals. He was not in Manziana at the time of the events. 


Manziana Forest