During this holiday season, there have been a series of incidents of someone stealing money from unmanned stores in Jeju. There are more than 10 confirmed cases. Police investigating the crime believe it is highly likely that teenagers committed the crime.

This is JIBS reporter Kwon Min-ji.


A group of men with their faces covered approach an unmanned store.

While two people are watching outside the store, two others enter the store.

Naturally, he opened the safe and stole the cash and put it in his bag.

The crime took less than two minutes.

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After committing the crime, the gang leisurely leaves the scene on a motorcycle.

The incident occurred around 3 a.m. the day before yesterday (10th), the Lunar New Year holiday.

It was found that this store alone suffered hundreds of thousands of won in damage.

This is an unmanned store where the incident occurred.

The suspects opened the safe with scissors and stole cash.

It is said that about 10 cases have been confirmed so far, including stealing items from another unmanned store 300 meters away.

[Victim Merchant: One friend came wearing a helmet and the other wore a mask. I came in very purposefully. One friend was going around the store, and the other was trying to rob the kiosk.]

The police are tracking them, considering the possibility that they are teenagers.

(Video coverage: Boo Hyun-il JIBS)

JIBS Kwon Min-ji