Visual artist Ola Ibrahim reflected, in the vocabulary of her works, her influence on the realistic and expressive styles. She invested her abilities and capabilities in highlighting precise details by depicting them realistically and showing the expressions of human figures and situations, with her sometimes inclination to silent nature in a suggestive, symbolic way.

Ibrahim explained in an interview with a SANA correspondent that she did not discover her talent early, but rather worked on developing it in high school and during her studies at the Institute of Handicrafts, where she doubled her interest and began to develop her skills and techniques. At first, she used pencils, oil colors, and others.

Ibrahim does not adhere to specific colors, but rather works to formulate a color group that serves every work that she accomplishes. She also tries to convey with her brush and oil colors different situations that touch her artistic sense and feelings first, and to share them with art enthusiasts second. She pointed out that she resorts to naming her paintings because she considers the title to be an element. Important and integrated with the content and meanings of the work.

She added: “The feelings of love, admiration, and satisfaction that I see shining in the eyes of artists, amateurs, and attendees mean a lot, and I feel happy when I see people’s interest and appreciation for the effort and work that I always strive to provide,” explaining the importance of participating in various events, such as exhibitions, festivals, cultural activities, and others, with the aim of getting to know each other. On new and different methods that help expand the circle of knowledge, tools and techniques, which contributes to developing skills and creating new ideas.

Ibrahim noted the benefit of learning about various artistic schools, their methods, characteristics, and their most prominent pioneers, with the aim of forming a personality characterized by a style of its own, in addition to its uniqueness by using artistic vocabulary that becomes an integral part of its work, indicating that the psychological state is necessary, especially when presenting certain artistic works, whether this state passes. With certain problems or live happily and peacefully.

Ibrahim mentioned the necessity of developing talent from the moment of its discovery and working to develop it and expand the processes of knowledge and research until one is able to form an artistic personality and achieve self-satisfaction with one’s artistic production, pointing out that she invests her experience in developing the talents of children and youth and helping them use plastic vocabulary that reflects their imagination and ideas. In addition to encouraging and motivating them to continue by holding exhibitions.

Ibrahim called on talents of different ages and artistic fields to follow up, pay attention, and work to develop their talent, in addition to encouraging them to attend various events that concern and target their field of interest.

It is noteworthy that Ola Ibrahim, 37 years old, is a member of the Union of Fine Artists and a teacher. She has participated in many festivals and joint exhibitions at the level of Tartous Governorate and outside it, and has received many awards, including from the Teachers Syndicate, Tartous Education, and others.

Prestige Suleiman

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