"We are studying a rule to ensure that those who occupy, if they do not demonstrate that they are not involved in the facts, are civilly liable for the damage that has been caused. It is a presumption that only by demonstrating that they are completely uninvolved can one win. commits an illicit act, he must answer for damages. This is my personal reflection: I believe that students of this type cannot be promoted to the following year". Thus the Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara who today visited the Severi Correnti high school in Milan after an occupation that led to damages quantified at around 70 thousand euros. 

"If a strong signal is not given from a disciplinary point of view, it means that the school is not responding seriously. Those who carry out these acts of devastation have not, in my opinion, understood the educational message of the school" added Valditara, underlining which, however, "will be the autonomy of the individual schools to decide". 

In the occupied high school, 'military and guerrilla action'

At the Severi Correnti high school in Milan, "a military, guerrilla action" was carried out. Here there are various crimes committed, in addition to the interruption of public services there is damage and private violence "Valditara said. "Acts of this type are unacceptable considering that the school statute also provides for self-management, places for democratic debate allowed to students, respectful of the law and the public good" added the minister underlining that instead "no dialogue with educational institutions was wanted , the democratic practice of self-management was rejected and the aim was not only to occupy but also to disfigure and devastate the school". For this reason "I personally believe that the police forces did well to carry out an inspection and transmit the documents to the Prosecutor's Office: these crimes must be prosecuted. Whoever is found responsible must be criminally convicted and, furthermore, whoever is responsible must compensate the school for the damage - he concluded -. The school and the community must not be responsible for the damage".

We are studying the rule for damage to image in occupations

"We will present in the text on the conduct vote a rule agreed with the Ministry of Justice for which it is foreseen that it is possible to take legal action for damage to image" which "is already foreseen for attacks on staff of the school but perhaps it could also be extended to situations of this type", such as occupations, explained the Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara who today visited the Severi Correnti high school in Milan. "As a minister and citizen I say that we are tired of having to pay for people who have no sense of community and carry out hooligan actions" added Valditara, assuring that "where resources are lacking we will intervene to allow the school to be fully usable, but we expect that the responsible people pay out of their own pockets."