Today (the 12th), which concludes the four-day holiday, highways across the country generally ran smoothly. Although the sky was stuffy due to fine dust, downtown tourist attractions were crowded with people amid the warm weather.

Reporter Park Jae-yeon covered the story.


On the last day of the four-day Lunar New Year holiday, major highways across the country were congested in some sections in the afternoon due to last-minute traffic returning home.

However, most sections are now operating as smoothly as usual during holidays.

The train stations and terminals were filled with people returning to their homes, filled with gifts from their hometowns.

[Minji Oh/Jung-gu, Seoul: I am newlyweds and went to Busan to my parents' house. It wasn't easy to go back and forth, but it was still nice to see my family for the first time in a long time.]

[Jeong-geun Yoon/Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul: It's quite sad on the last day of the holiday, but you have to always go with a happy heart and promise for the next time, so adults can spend their time comfortably.]

In the hazy dust .

The concentration of fine dust was once recorded at a 'bad' level across the country, to the point where the city center was difficult to see.

Still, the city center was crowded with families on outings, with temperatures like early spring, with the highest daytime temperature in Seoul reaching 10 degrees and Busan reaching 12 degrees.

The Seoul Plaza skating rink, which was open until today, was crowded with people trying to enjoy the last moments of winter.

[Nam Hye-ri/Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do: I came out to enjoy the last holiday. [It's so much fun because the kids love it.]

The traditional holiday game experience held at the old palace was also very popular with the kids.

[one more time. Please.]

[Han Ji-hye and Han Ji-min/4th and 2nd grade elementary school students: I focused and went in and felt good. (I went in twice.)]

[Lee Si-eun/4th grade: (Rubber band play) I jumped, stepped on and twisted. It was nice to come to Grandma's, eat delicious food and play traditional games.]

Despite the sadness that the Lunar New Year holiday was over, citizens prepared to return to their daily lives by making precious memories.

(Video coverage: Lim Dong-guk, Lee Sang-hak, Won Jong-chan G1 Broadcasting, video editing: Kim Yun-seong)