The government, which is persuading doctors to refrain from collective action, plans to prepare countermeasures based on the conclusions to be reached at the general meeting of medical residents tonight (12th). The President's Office repeatedly stated that it would not back down, saying that there was no justification for the doctors' collective action.

Reporter Lee Hyun-jeong covered the government's movements.


Ahead of the special general meeting of medical residents, the government is refraining from making official remarks, saying it will not provoke the government, but has made it clear that it has no intention of backing down from opposition to the increase in medical schools.

A senior official in the Presidential Office said, “There is no justification for doctors’ group action,” and added, “The reality of our medical care is that even if we increase the number of people by 2,000, it is not enough.”

At the same time, he said, “The timing of policy implementation has been missed again and again, and it has reached a point of no return,” citing examples such as emergency room hit-and-runs and pediatric open runs.

However, the medical group's position is that expanding the number of medical school students cannot be a solution to the collapse of essential medical care, so it does not seem easy for both sides to find common ground.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare is attempting to persuade people to refrain from collective action until the last minute while preparing for any emergency.

Minister of Health and Welfare Cho Gyu-hong appealed on social media under the title ‘A message to medical residents,’ asking them to “participate in the normalization of the health care system.”

Minister Cho said, “I know very well that there is a lot of opposition and concern in the field regarding the expansion of medical school seats,” and asked, “Please do not doubt the government’s sincerity in making hospitals into sustainable workplaces.”

At the end of the holiday, we decided to hold a meeting at the Central Accident Management Headquarters and operate a 'Damage Reporting Center' where we can provide consultation in case damage occurs to the public due to collective action by doctors.

As it is expected that a decision on whether residents will take collective action will be made late at night, the government plans to hold a review meeting and announce response measures based on the conclusion of the residents' general meeting.

(Video coverage: Cho Chang-hyun, Video editing: Park Ki-deok, Design: Kim Jeong-eun)