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Fiorello returns from Sanremo: "I'll tell you about my Festival"

The showman resumes VivaRai2 at the Foro Italico after the Aristonello: "The most beautiful things of the Festival? Friendship, jokes and riding in a carriage"


Mariavittoria Savini

Once the efforts in Sanremo are over, it's time for Fiorello and his team to return home and take stock of the week just gone by, full of work, successes and emotions. 

Landlord of the Aristonello, "Co-co" and traveling companion of Amadeus. To our microphones Fiorello retraced the most salient moments of the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival and, without hesitation, stated: “The most beautiful things? Our friendship, the real jokes and the moment of the carriage, when they said goodbye to Sanremo and the Ariston". But he specifies: “It was a hello, not a goodbye”.