The reality of technical institutes and setting a future vision for their development was the focus of the meeting held at the Ministry of Education today, which included the Ministers of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Education, the President of the National Union of Syrian Students, and a number of stakeholders.

The attendees presented the strengths and weaknesses of the technical institutes and the challenges they face, and developed a more comprehensive future vision for developing them from all aspects, reconsidering their structure, plans, and curricula, linking their graduates to the labor market, and activating partnerships with the business sector.

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, pointed out the necessity of studying the educational and career path of graduates of these institutes when they enter the labor market in the public and private sectors, supporting the infrastructure in terms of equipment and laboratories, and activating the law that considered these institutes as production centers for its practical application on the ground, indicating that the proposals What was presented during the meeting will be studied before adopting the university admission policy next year, to be reconsidered according to two stages, the first a quick and immediate vision and the second requiring a long period of time to support this sector.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Muhammad Amer Al-Mardini, stressed the importance of monitoring the reality of vocational and technical education at the level of technical and vocational education institutes in the ministry and how to develop it, explaining that a committee has been formed in this regard to develop proposals, plans and strategic visions.

The President of the Student Union, Dr. Darine Suleiman, explained that the meeting was based on student dialogues at the level of technical and vocational institutes, which stressed the necessity of developing an accurate description of these institutes and linking their graduates to the labor market, in addition to linking it to the university absorption policy to graduate distinguished professional technicians capable of keeping pace with local and global developments. Noting that a plan will be developed to merge a number of institutes and reconsider the nature of all their specializations.

During the meeting, the Director of Vocational and Technical Education at the Ministry of Education, Engineer Fahmi Al-Akhal, spoke in a working paper about opportunities to develop the reality of these institutes, focusing on the necessity of developing an integrated system for managing human resources and focusing on their training, subjecting teachers to educational qualification diploma courses, establishing educational forums to discuss educational issues, and accelerating the development of education. Rehabilitation of infrastructure in institutes.

Rehab Ali

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