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The branch of the Arab Writers Union in Al-Hasakah and the Safsaf Al-Khabour Cultural Association held an exhibition to sell books at nominal prices, which included many literary titles from the publications and publications of the Arab Writers Union.

The head of the union’s branch, Ibrahim Khalaf, explained in a statement to a SANA correspondent that the importance of the exhibition lies in that it is the first exhibition carried out by the union in several years, as a result of the security conditions that the governorate went through and the difficulty of transporting books to it, and after great efforts and coordination between the presidency of the union and the branch, it was secured. Good quantities of them arrive, and they are offered to the public at nominal prices, with modern editions being sold for half the value, and old editions for an amount not exceeding one thousand Syrian pounds, in support of the cultural movement and encouraging the purchase of the paper book by those wishing.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Safsaf Al-Khabour Association, Ahmed Al-Hussein, stressed that the importance of the exhibition lies in the fact that it achieves the link between the reader and modern literary publications and in various fields of literature, creativity, poetry, critical literary studies, theatrical and history, stressing the importance of holding such exhibitions to encourage the reader to own the paper book that suffers. There is a lot of competition from the e-book, especially since many researchers and reading enthusiasts prefer to buy a paper book for several factors, the most important of which is the proximity of the paper book to the soul.

A number of attendees stressed the importance of the Union Branch’s initiative and its efforts to deliver various book titles and organize them in the exhibition, which is an opportunity to purchase various editions at nominal prices. They called for intensifying the holding of book fairs, and cooperation with printing houses to hold various exhibitions in various fields that meet the needs of the reader.

Nizar Hassan

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