In August 2022, Noncommissioned Officer A, a squad leader at a military unit, accidentally posted a post promoting a personal online account in the unit's chat room.

Then, Mr. B captured this screen and posted it in a group chat room with 18 people, including squad members, and sent a message cursing the boss.

Mr. A, who received the fact that his gossip was exchanged in the soldiers' group chat room and the screenshot, reported Mr. B to the military investigative agency, and the investigation began.

Afterwards, Mr. B, who was discharged from the military, was tried at the Uijeongbu District Court.

The court found that the message sent by Mr. B constituted an insult.

However, it was noted that the chat room where the article was posted was a space where soldiers of similar ranks could easily communicate with each other.

The court found him not guilty, saying, "It is common for soldiers who have difficulty speaking face-to-face even if they are dissatisfied with their superiors to express their dissatisfaction in a chat room and use slang or abusive language in a chat room to communicate with each other."

However, the court found Mr. B guilty of harassing a successor suspected of being an informant immediately after the incident and sentenced him to 5 million won.