On the 8th, a video titled ‘Spoon 00ma, succeeding the Spoon Murderer’ was uploaded to the National Police Agency’s YouTube channel.

On the night of the 15th of last month, the Gwangju Police Station received a report that 'a man who was trying to climb a gas pipe in a residential area was moving to another location.'

After learning about the person's appearance and clothing, the police searched the area in the direction of the escape and found Mr. A with a similar appearance.

It was confirmed that Mr. A was sitting in front of a flower bed in an alley, digging up the dirt with a spoon and burying drugs wrapped in insulating tape.

The police urgently arrested the man, believing it to be a so-called 'throw away' method of drug dealing in which drugs are buried and buyers later come and collect them.

The police brought Mr. A to the district, searched his body, and found 15 additional bags of methamphetamine and 18 bags of liquid marijuana.

Detailed drug transaction details were also confirmed on Mr. A’s cell phone.

The police arrested Mr. A on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act and handed him over to the prosecution.

(Screen source: National Police Agency YouTube)