A story was told about a citizen who was stranded on the road due to traffic congestion during the Lunar New Year holiday and saved his father's deathbed with the help of the police.

On the evening of the 10th, which was Lunar New Year's Day, Mr. A, a man in his 30s who was driving in front of the Gijang-gun Office in Gijang-gun, Busan, made an urgent call to 112.

At the time, Mr. A was on his way to the hospital with his mother after receiving a call that his father's death was imminent.

However, as the traffic got stuck, Mr. A feared that he might not be able to protect his father from his deathbed, and he earnestly asked the police for help.

The Busan Gijang Police Station, which was notified of the contents of the call, gave instructions to a traffic patrol car that was passing nearby and had it take over Mr. A's vehicle.

With the help of the police, Mr. A's family arrived at the hospital in 10 minutes and was able to preserve his father's death in the intensive care unit.

Mr. A said, “I would like to thank the Busan police for taking into consideration the citizens’ circumstances and providing valuable assistance even during the busy Lunar New Year holiday.”