During the holiday season, a post titled ‘I was assaulted by a group’ was posted online.

Author A reported the situation at the time, saying, "After gathering with my relatives at my grandmother's house, me, my younger sister, and my relative's younger brother, who is now 20 years old, went to a bar in front of my grandmother's house around 9 p.m."

The problem occurred while I was returning home from a bar.

My relative's younger brother got into an argument with the passengers of a passing vehicle.

Mr. A explained that the people in the vehicle honked and argued, saying, “Why don’t you get out of the way when the car is going?”

In order to prevent the incident from escalating, Mr. A said he repeatedly apologized, saying, "I'm sorry I made a mistake because I was very drunk."

Mr. A, who thought the situation was over like that, claimed, “About 5 minutes later, the passengers in the car and about 20 to 30 acquaintances came and assaulted the three of us collectively.”

When he sensed a fight was about to break out, he called the police, but said they arrived after he had been assaulted.

Mr. A said, “All three are currently hospitalized,” and asked for advice from netizens, saying, “In this case, is it better to just hire a lawyer?”

(Screen source: Bobae Dream)