A convicted rapist escaped from an exit in Berlin. The police have been searching for the man, who is considered dangerous, since Tuesday evening, a spokesman for the Senate Judiciary Administration said on Wednesday. The “Tagesspiegel” had previously reported. The prisoner was in preventive detention at the Tegel Correctional Facility (JVA). During a release where he was accompanied by judicial officers, he took the opportunity to escape. According to the spokesman, the man had visited a non-profit organization in Friedrichshain. It wasn't the first accompanied release.

According to the “Tagesspiegel” report, the prisoner escaped from his companions at exit 107. The criminal had been in prison in Brandenburg since 2000 after being convicted of rape. Because of the seriousness of the crime and because he was classified as dangerous, preventive detention was ordered. The man had been incarcerated there since 2011 and was transferred to Berlin in 2019 - to preventive detention at the Tegel prison.

It was only in December that two dangerous criminals with mental illness escaped from prison. The men were caught a week later.