In his new book (The American Jihad from Kabul to Istanbul), researcher Abdullah Ali Sabri sheds light on the behavior of extremist terrorist organizations and what the United States and Turkey have done in supporting them against Syria in different attempts and names and confronting Syria, its people and its army.

In the book, Sabri reveals the role of fundamentalists and extremists in establishing transnational terrorist groups and the international and regional climates that helped to manufacture the monster and made it a docile tool in the service of the Western agenda, led by the United States of America.

Sabri points to the emergence of the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Kabul and the factors that helped al-Qaeda reproduce, its spread in many countries of the world and the reason for its decline in favor of the new ISIS organization.

The researcher shows what ISIS is, how it rose and fell, at what cost, the bloody and dramatic scene it left behind in the Arab world, and the Arab nation has lived and is still in the throes of a violent catastrophe that threatens borders and existence and indicates a bleak future unless the Arabs realize what happened and is happening from the so-called Arab Spring.

Researcher Sabri reviews Turkey's relationship with terrorism since the arrival of the Justice Party and its economic and other experiences, the extent of their support and cooperation for the Muslim Brotherhood, Erdogan's behavior as an Ottoman caliph, and the activation of terrorist organizations that collapsed into Syria.

After England contributed to the so-called "Arab Spring", according to the systematic book, it found itself after a while on the brink of its own autumn when terrorism returned to its borders by drawing "ISIS" and some factions, and after it was enjoying peace and stability, it broke the rules of engagement, so it entered into a critical confrontation with Russia and was unable to organize the situation with Moscow except after painful concessions in more than one file.

On the other hand, the researcher continues: Syria is almost emerging today from its war with its head raised thanks to the steadfastness of its people, its army, its leadership and the support of the axis of resistance after what it experienced from a harsh war in the face of terrorism.

In the book of researcher Abdullah Sabri, the battle of ideas has become more complex, and the takfiri approach has penetrated into various cultures in our Arab societies among some of its youth and involved them in terrorist and takfiri organizations with the exacerbation of poverty and unemployment and the failure of some countries to manage conflicts, and the inability to achieve a minimum of independence and self-retreat.

The book reveals the role of the United States of America in employing some countries to work on the fall of countries that support the resistance, strengthen terrorism and others, create chaos and sabotage true Islam for the benefit of what it has created.

In his book, Sabri calls for implementing the concept of development jihad as a theoretical and secular framework for the desired renaissance, and supporting economic development in the Arab world to strengthen pride, struggle and culture because advancement is not impossible.

The book issued by the Arab Writers Union in 199 pages is written by the Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to the Syrian Arab Republic, the President of the Yemeni Media Union, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the International Assembly to Support the Choice of Resistance, and his books include Human Rights in Islam, Thought, History, Islamists and Democracy in Yemen and elsewhere.

Regarding the book, the President of the Arab Writers Union, Dr. Muhammad Al-Hourani, said: It is one of the most important issues in exposing terrorist organizations and the countries that supported them, especially America and Turkey, in addition to Syria's role of resistance and thwarting conspiracies against it and the Arab nation to support Zionism, and sabotage what harms its interest in a documented and systematic manner.

Muhammad Khalid Alkhidr

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