A well-known admissions institute advertised that half of the on-time admissions students of major medical schools are from our academy, but in fact, it was an estimate by the academy. In this way, academies that inflated the number of admitted students or falsely represented the work experience of textbook writers, as well as publishers of entrance examination textbooks, were sanctioned by the KFTC.

I'm a reporter.


Daechi-dong, Seoul.

I showed the high school students the promotional phrase of the Era Talent Academy.

[Park Sung-joon/High school student: (How do you understand this?) Many of the people who go to their own schools go to medical school.]

However, this statement was not an actual medical school achievement, but a false hype that was only their own assumption.

A large number of private education companies have been caught making false and exaggerated advertisements to deceive examinees and their parents, such as Mega Study, which falsely labeled the entrance examination textbooks as being written by a member of the SAT examination committee, and Imagine C&E, which inflated the experience of the examination committee members.

[High school student: I think you must have more credibility than other teachers.]

[Kim Jung-heon/High school student: You seem to have a lot of faith. (What if that's inflated, false?) Now you've been hit in the back of the head.]

It turns out that the author of Broker Math has no experience related to assessors, but he advertised himself as a "broker who secretly connects with assessors."

Mega Study Education, the No. 1 company in the college entrance education market, sold online lecture products for up to 100 million won, and advertised that it would be 100% rebate if you were accepted to a major university.

However, they did not disclose that they would be given except for taxes and fees, and since they had to be in college until a certain point, 100~200 students did not receive refunds every year.

The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has decided to issue corrective orders to nine admissions companies and impose a fine of KRW 9.18 billion.

[Kim Jung-ki/Director of the Fair Trade Commission's Market Surveillance Bureau: There is a deep-rooted practice of competing with unfair labels and advertisements to entice examinees...]
size of the college entrance education market is estimated to have grown to about 3 trillion won last year, and the Fair Trade Commission has said that it will strictly sanction unfair advertising practices by admissions companies.

(Video interview: Choi Ho-jun, Park Hyun-chul, Video editing: Choi Eun-jin, Design: Seo Dong-min, assistant so-in)