▲ Ulsan Emerging Gangster Members

The so-called 'MZ gangsters' who were dissatisfied with their gangsters and went on a rampage by smashing their seniors' cars in the middle of the city were arrested by the police in large numbers.

The Ulsan Police Agency arrested 44 new gangsters in the area and detained 16 of them on suspicion of violating the Act on Punishment of Violent Acts and Other Crimes.

In April 2022, Mr. A, who was detained, found the car of Mr. B, a senior gangster, on a road in Ulsan and damaged the window.

When Mr. B found out about this, he got angry and called Mr. A and others to a karaoke bar, and he went into the karaoke bar and went on a rampage with other gangsters of his age, spraying fire extinguishers.

It is known that Mr. A and others built their own forces by engaging in such a "low-key game" when their predecessors frequently forced them to "gather" and harassed them and did not distribute profits well.

The new gangsters, who were in their 4s and 20s, and some in their late teens, would make loud noises on the streets, bow at 30 degrees, and line up with their tattoos exposed, creating an atmosphere of fear.

There was also a gang rape of three citizens who simply bumped shoulders on the street.

The gang also operated illegal gambling houses under the guise of 'hold'em pubs' and internet gambling sites in solidarity with other local gangsters.

A police official said that it was the first time in nearly 10 years since 90 that a new gangster was identified and handed over to the prosecution in Ulsan, and that they will also strictly investigate gambling sites operated by gangsters across the country.

(Photo = Provided by Ulsan Police Agency, Yonhap News)