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To evaluate electric toothbrushes, our approach began with a review of their design during use. We took into account the ease of access to their buttons, the grip of the handle (smooth, matte, with rubber, etc.), as well as the presence of battery or charge level indicators, if applicable. Next, we went over the different pressure modes and levels available, as well as additional features. We particularly liked the presence of a pressure sensor, which helps to prevent overbrushing and protect the gums. We also tested the proper functioning and usefulness of any particular features, if any. Finally, we measured the usage time of each model at the minimum power for a full charge, which allowed us to estimate the maximum number of brushes possible before needing to recharge the battery of each toothbrush (at a rate of 2 minutes per use).

The Selection of the 3 Best Electric Toothbrushes to Choose in 2023

  • Oral-B Vitality 100: the cheapest good quality
  • Oral-B iO Series 4N: the most powerful and connected
  • Oral-B Kids: Best for Kids and Sensitive Gums

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Oral-B Vitality 100: the cheapest good quality


This electric toothbrush offers simplicity of use with only one mode and power, but this does not compromise its effectiveness in any way, as our tests have shown. It uses a brush head that rotates and oscillates to effectively dislodge plaque. Although it does not have pressure or battery level indicators, it offers an excellent grip thanks to its rubber-coated handle that does not slip, even in the presence of toothpaste. In addition, it vibrates every 30 seconds to signal that it's time to move on to another brushing area, which promotes an even cleaning of all teeth. After 2 minutes, it emits 4 vibrations to indicate the end of brushing, but does not stop automatically, allowing you to extend the cleaning if necessary. As for the battery life, we measured that it could run for up to 40 minutes, which equates to 20 uses of 2 minutes each before needing a recharge. Additionally, there are different brush heads available to meet your specific needs, including Sensitive Clean, 3D White, Precision Clean, and Cross Action. In summary, it is a functional and effective brush, ideal for those on a budget.


  • Ease of use with a single mode of operation
  • Efficient cleaning thanks to brush head rotations and oscillations
  • Excellent grip with a non-slip rubber-coated handle
  • Vibration every 30 seconds to change brushing zones and maintain an even clean
  • 40-minute battery life, or about 20 uses of 2 minutes each
  • Availability of various brush heads to meet different dental needs


  • One mode of operation and one power

Oral-B iO Series 4N: the most powerful and connected


Following our tests, the iO 4 offers the best value for money with its 3 continuous power levels and variable mode. The device is equipped with two buttons (on/off and mode switch) that are easy to use, although the handle is a bit too smooth. The toothbrush is supplied with a brush head, a carrying case and a storage accessory for two brush heads. The iO 4 uses vibrations to indicate when to switch sides every 30 seconds and signal the end of brushing after 2 minutes. The pressure level light proved to be playful, creating a rainbow to praise users for their brushing time. In terms of battery life, the brush lasted more than 330 2-minute uses at minimum power without using the app. However, when using the app, the battery lost 7% after just one use, reducing the number of uses to just 14 at the minimum power. The app is user-friendly, allowing for quick brush pairing and providing information such as battery level in percentage, brushing history with the duration of each brush and the pressure exerted, routines, customizable goals, and reminders for brush head replacement.


  • Excellent value for money with multiple power modes
  • Simple operation with two operating buttons
  • Includes brush head, carrying case, and storage accessory
  • Playful visual indication of pressure level
  • Long battery life for apps without the app
  • User-friendly app with useful features


  • Handle slightly too smooth for optimal grip
  • Significant reduction in battery life when using the app

Oral-B Kids: Best for Kids and Sensitive Gums


This model of electric toothbrush, although with a Frozen decoration, is suitable not only for children but also for adults with sensitive gums. It offers two power levels, with the first being the mildest among the models tested, suitable for baby teeth and sensitive gums. The second level is equivalent to that of the Vitality 100. The stickers are removable, and the standard brush heads in the range are compatible with this toothbrush, offering more flexibility outside of the Arendelle universe. Refills specially designed for children are also available. In terms of grip, the rubber handle ensures excellent grip to prevent slipping. While the model doesn't have a pressure sensor, it does offer vibration changes to indicate when it's time to change brushing areas, with vibrations every 30 seconds. The brush does not automatically stop after 2 minutes, but it emits 4 vibrations after this time. In terms of battery life, this brush can run for up to 42 minutes at the lowest power level, providing up to 21 uses before needing to be recharged.


  • Two power levels suitable for children and sensitive gums
  • Removable stickers for personalization
  • Compatibility with standard brush heads in the range
  • Good grip thanks to the rubber handle
  • Vibration changes to indicate when to change brushing area


  • Lack of pressure sensor

Other models tested

  • Oral-B iO Series 3N: This electric toothbrush has a pressure sensor that changes color (white, green, red) depending on the force applied. Its smooth handle is not very ergonomic, but it offers an exceptional battery life of more than 7 hours and 30 minutes, or nearly 230 uses of 2 minutes before recharging. It emits two types of vibrations every 30 seconds, indicating brushing areas. A rainbow light encourages children to brush longer. However, the minimum power isn't as smooth as on the Kids model.
  • Oral-B Genius 8000N: This connected toothbrush uses 3D brushing technology with oscillations, rotations and pulsations. It comes with a standard brush head, carrying case, smartphone holder and storage for 4 brush heads with protective cover. It offers 3 power levels in continuous mode and 2 other modes to vary the power. Battery life is approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes without the app (42 uses of 2 minutes) and decreases to 25 uses of 2 minutes with the app. The presence of a pressure controller is appreciated, as is the comfortable grip thanks to the rubber on the back of the handle. Bluetooth pairing is simple, but position detection in the app can be less accurate, sometimes requiring more time to signal that all areas are brushed well
  • Oral-B Pro 3 3000: This toothbrush showed its effectiveness in our tests, offering two power levels and a variable speed mode. However, due to its lack of ergonomics with a very smooth handle and a button that is less convenient to press, we chose not to include it in our selection.

4 key criteria for choosing the right electric toothbrush

According to our product experts, here are the key criteria to consider when choosing your electric toothbrush.

Cleaning modes and intensities

  • In order to adapt to different teeth, some models offer several brushing modes with different actions, such as anti-plaque, whitening, or gum massage.
  • In addition, on some toothbrushes, you have the option to adjust the intensity of brushing according to your needs or sensitivity.


  • Although most users keep their toothbrush on the charging dock, it is essential that your device has a minimum battery life for convenient use.
  • This autonomy will depend on how often you use it and how many people use the brush.
  • Additionally, it is important to note that battery life tends to shrink over time and usage.


  • If you're new to electric toothbrushes, you'll quickly notice that toothpaste tends to leak out of your mouth due to vibration or rotation.
  • That's why most models have an anti-slip coating that improves the grip of the device and thus reduces the risks.

Brush heads

  • Leading brands offer a variety of toothbrushes that are compatible with their devices.
  • For example, you can opt for a brush head that is suitable for sensitive teeth or has firmer bristles.
  • It's important to check the price of the replacement brush heads you're interested in to make sure it fits your budget and avoid unpleasant surprises when replacing, which is recommended every three months or so.

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