An 83-year-old man died last night at the hospital in Teramo who, late yesterday evening, at the height of a quarrel was allegedly stabbed by his son. The injuries sustained by the elderly man had immediately appeared serious and during the night the clinical picture worsened and the man died. The83-year-old's son, a 49-year-old man, was stopped by the carabinieri of Teramo. The investigators coordinated by the Prosecutor of the Teramo Public Prosecutor's Office are reconstructing what happened yesterday evening and the reasons that would have sparked the quarrel.

The victim is Mario Di Rocco and the stabbing, which later proved fatal for the 83-year-old, took place in Via Crispi, in a house attached to the train station in the city center. To carry out the crime, his son Francesco, 49, used a kitchen knife, hitting the elderly man, a retired station master, with several slashes in various parts of his body. The carabinieri of Teramo intervened in the apartment where the elderly man lived, in Teramo,fending his son and taking him to the barracks. The prosecutor on duty, Monia Di Marco,is reconstructing the phases of the aggression generated by futile motives. Witnesses were also heard, including neighbors who heard the two men screaming and asked for the intervention of the carabinieri around 23 p.m. yesterday. The elderly man was rescued by 118 personnel.

The carabinieri of the Norm and the Investigative Unit of the Provincial Command of Teramo are at work at the scene of the murder.