There is an observation that the provisional score of the 2024 College Scholastic Ability Test (SAT) did not result in a perfect score in the high 3 SAT.

Despite the government's explanation that the so-called "killer questions" have been excluded because no perfect scores have been confirmed at major re-enrollment schools, the controversy over the ambiguity and "incompetence" of the killer questions is likely to continue.

Today (21st), according to the National Association of Career Counselors (Jeonjin Hyup), it has been found that there are no students who have scored a perfect score in all subjects yet among the students enrolled in high school after the 16 entrance exam held on the 2024th.

An official from Jeonjeon Hyup said, "Usually, students enter the provisional score right after the SAT, and when they get a perfect score in all subjects, there is a rumor among the teachers," adding, "Seeing that there is no talk of a high 3 perfect score yet, it seems that there will be no students who are enrolled in the SAT this time."

High 3 students, lucky students, An official of Mega Study Education, which has provisional scoring information on about 3,12 examinees, including N students, also said, "It seems that there are no students who have a perfect score on the SAT."

Some people are unlucky. We also mention the possibility that there will not be a perfect score for N students.

It has also been found that major re-education institutes such as Era Talent have not yet confirmed a perfect score among the students as a result of the provisional score.

In Mega Study Education, as a result of the provisional score, it was found that one returning student who took the online course received a perfect score.

However, the general assessment is that it is not uncommon for provisional scores to be inflated or falsely entered, so it is still difficult to consider them to be reliable.

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If there are no perfect scores from high school 3 students, it will be the first time in two years since the 2022 academic year.

At the time of the first year of the combined humanities and science exams, the Japanese language, mathematics, and English sections were all difficult, and only one student received a perfect score.

If you are unlucky· If there are no perfect scores, including N students, it will be the first time in 2 years since the 1 academic year.

At that time, the SAT was difficult in both language (current national language), numeracy (current national language), and foreign language, and it was evaluated that there was no time to breathe from the 2011st to the 13rd period.

This year's SAT is also evaluated as exhausting by the examinees, from Japanese language to mathematics and English, and it seems that the observation that there may be 1 perfect scores is gaining strength.

Some say that even though the Ministry of Education has announced a policy of eliminating killer questions in order to catch private education, it has not been met by the examinees.

It is also pointed out that the abrupt change in the tone of the questions due to the elimination of killer questions after the mock assessment in June did not give the examinees enough time to prepare.

In the examinees' community, there are complaints such as, "Isn't it 'nuclear incompetence' if there is no perfect score even though the test is said to be an exam without killer questions, but even the highest N students in history participated in the competition?" and "They made a big impression that there was no killer, but they only hurt the students' feelings."

A high school teacher said, "The government's concept of killer questions was vague," and pointed out that "from the students' point of view, 'difficult questions to adjust the difficulty' are killer questions."

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