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Seoul Mayor
Oh Se-hoon had a meeting with Goyang Mayor Lee Dong-hwan today (21st). We discussed the incorporation of Goyang City into Seoul, and following Gimpo and Guri, discussions on Seoul's expansion are picking up speed.

This is Kwon Ji-yoon.

Seoul Mayor
Oh Se-hoon and Goyang Mayor Lee Dong-hwan met at Seoul City Hall this morning to discuss Goyang's incorporation into the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Starting with Gimpo City on the 6th, Guri City, and Goyang City, it seems that the discussion on the incorporation of Seoul is expanding.

Goyang City is a special city with a population of more than 100 million, and about 16,6 people commute to Seoul every day to commute to school.

It is adjacent to the six boroughs of Seoul, and shares major infrastructure facilities with Seoul, such as the Nanji Water Reclamation Center and the Seoul Seunghwa Garden.

In an interview, Mayor Lee Dong-hwan said, "Megacities are a global trend," and showed his will to reorganize the metropolitan area to strengthen competitiveness on an equal footing, not through incorporation.

[Lee Dong-hwan/Mayor of Goyang: I propose to form a multilateral consultative body including the government, tentatively called the Metropolitan Area Reorganization Multilateral Consultative Body, in the name of the reorganization of the metropolitan area in the name of the reorganization of the metropolitan area and start discussions.]

Mayor Oh Se-hoon also sympathized with this purpose and said that he would form a joint study group with Goyang City to analyze the effects of integration in depth.

In addition, he indicated a plan to consolidate the transfer study groups set up separately for each local government.

[Oh Se-hoon/Mayor of Seoul: In the future, we will expand and reorganize the joint study group for each local government to create
a tentatively named integrated study group for the Seoul Metropolitan Government with the participation of related local governments such as Gimpo, Guri, and Goyang...] Mayor
Oh also emphasized that it is time to expand the megacity discussion, which is centered on the metropolitan area, to include Buulgyeong, Gwangju, and Daegu.

(Video interview: Oh Young-chun, Video editing: Park Ki-duk)