"I want my daughter to be happy and not sick in heaven. I love you."

Ten days before her birthday, a 26-year-old woman who was hit by a careless car while crossing a pedestrian crossing at a green light and fell into brain death has been laid to rest forever after giving a new life to four people.

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The family decided to donate their youngest daughter, remembering how she loved to give to others even in the midst of the grief of losing her youngest daughter.

The Korea Organ and Tissue Donation Service announced today (13st) that Mr. Park Rae-young (26) donated his heart, liver, and left and right kidneys to four people at Ancient Guro Hospital on the 4th of last month.

On September 21, Ms. Park, who was on her way to work as usual, was hit by a car that was driving carelessly while crossing the street at a green light at the crosswalk in front of her house.

The perpetrator pressed the accelerator pedal instead of braking to pick up the documents, injuring a total of four people, including Ms. Park.

Three of them, except for Ms. Park, suffered abrasions, and Ms. Park, who had been unconscious since she was taken to the hospital, did not regain consciousness and became brain dead despite medical treatment.

When her condition did not improve even after about a month of treatment, Ms. Park's family thought it was time to let her go, so they decided to donate her organs in accordance with the wishes of her youngest daughter, who usually liked to give to others.

According to the donor, Ms. Park, who was born in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, as the youngest of one son and two daughters, had a bright and active personality and a warm heart that reached out to those in need.

Mr. Park, who practiced the virtue of sharing, such as donating blood and volunteering, was a sincere young man who worked in research institute accounting, veterinary hospitals, and restaurants, and lived by finding what he liked and developing himself.

Ms. Park's mother, Lee Sun-sook, said, "Rae Young-ah, your mother is writing to you every day on the Letter to Heaven (the website of the donor). You did. Write a blue bird postcard to your mom and tell her to live happily ever after as a blue bird. My mom will live like a blue bird, so I hope you won't get sick and be happy in heaven. I love you. And thank you," she said as she said her last goodbye to her youngest daughter.

Moon In-sung, the director of the donation center, said, "I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the donor and the donor's bereaved family for sharing their life for someone else in the last moments of their lives."

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(Photo = Korea Organ and Tissue Donation Service website)