The husband of 38-year-old Hélène Sanchez-Parra, who disappeared in 2017 in the Pyrénées-Orientales region on suspicion of killing his wife, has been indicted and jailed, Perpignan public prosecutor Jean-David Cavaillé told AFP on Monday.

The investigation took a turn last week, when a friend of the couple told police that the mother of three had been killed by her husband. While in police custody, the 50-year-old led investigators "into the undergrowth," where searches led to "the discovery of parts of a firearm on the one hand, and bones on the other," according to a statement from the prosecutor's office, released Thursday.

The judge issued a warrant on Thursday so that the suspect, in Corsica, could be questioned by the Montpellier Research Section which is in charge of the investigation. The results of the expert examination of the bones found by the gendarmes are expected on Tuesday. They should make it possible to establish whether they correspond to those of Hélène Sanchez-Parra.

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