There are cases of calling 119 in an emergency, but being told to send an ambulance in 30 minutes, as if it were a taxi, and filing malicious complaints.

Let's take a look at the article.

According to the firefighters' union, a caller called 8 in August.

'I'm having a hard time with a fever and a runny nose,' he said.

But I asked them to send an ambulance in 119 minutes because I needed to take a shower.

Mr. A, a firefighter, arrived at the scene on time, but the caller walked out of the house eight minutes later.

Mr. A said, 'You can't make an ambulance wait like this,' and 'It's hard for an emergency patient to use an ambulance,' and took him to the hospital.

However, the complainant filed several complaints with the content of "not being kind" and "feeling humiliated," and in the end, Mr. A was given a warning that prohibited him from receiving rewards for one year.

In response, the firefighters' union demanded that the disciplinary action be withdrawn, that non-emergency callers be less likely to use ambulances, and that malicious complaints be dealt with.