An elderly driver who caused an accident in a tunnel by crossing a solid line and changing lanes without turning on his blinkers is claiming negligence on the part of the victim.

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This is a dashcam video of a vehicle taken in a tunnel in Wanju, North Jeolla Province on the 10th.

The informant's vehicle was driving on the first lane of the tunnel.

At this time, a white passenger car driving on the right side of the road crossed a solid line and changed lanes without turning on its blinkers to overtake the truck in front of it, colliding with the informant's vehicle.

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According to the Road Traffic Act, you cannot change lanes on a solid line.

The informant reported the accident to the police, and the driver who caused the accident is in his mid-80s, and he claims that the informant is also 10% at fault, making it difficult to deal with the accident.

The expert who watched the video said that the grandfather who caused the accident seemed to be thinking about the days when there was no dashcam footage, and pointed out that the fault was "100 to 0" because he crossed the solid line in the tunnel without blinking.

Some of the comments were "Now is not the time to say 'latte is a word'", "You need to be able to admit your mistakes and apologize", and "The longer you drive, the more you seem to ignore the basic rules".

(Image source: YouTube Han Mun Chul TV)