Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon visited Daejeon today (21st) and said, "I think I've already said enough" regarding the rumors of his candidacy for the general election, adding, "I'm doing my best to do my job."

Minister Han attended the opening ceremony of the Daejeon Korean Language Proficiency Assessment Center (CBT), the evaluation system for social integration programs of the Ministry of Justice today, and when asked by reporters what his "important work" was, he replied, "That's why I came to Daejeon today."

He emphasized, "It is 'important' for me to attract outstanding foreign scientific talents and to create a basic foundation for foreign workers to learn Korean and live well with our people."

He said, "As the demographic structure changes, there is also a big change in the structure of scientific talent, and 1,1 out of 1,500 KAIST students are foreign researchers," adding, "We will drastically change the visa policy so that important foreign science and technology talents can continue their research here without leaving our country due to uncertainty about their visas and the future."

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Regarding the opinion that his visit to Daegu on 17 March and his subsequent visits to Daejeon and Ulsan were not a political move, he said, "It's just that I haven't been able to visit the site because of the consecutive National Assembly schedules," adding, "The number of on-site visits will be less than that of the previous Minister of Justice."

Regarding Song Young-kil, a former representative of the Democratic Party of Korea, who appeared on a radio program today and said, "I would like to say that I have strictly investigated chaebol and the social powerful in any administration while some activist politicians were taking money from chaebol while pretending to be clean on the outside."

Regarding a minister's view that the grammar is different from the grammar of Yeouido, he said, "If there is a way of speaking or grammar shared by only 300 people in Yeouido, isn't that 'Yeouido dialect' rather than Yeouido grammar?" "I'm going to use the grammar that the other 5 million people use."

Today, when a minister appeared in front of the building, the waiting supporters cheered as they handed him bouquets of flowers.

They took pictures with Minister Han and cheered him on, shouting, "Until the presidential election!" and "Han Dong-hoon!"

(Photo = Yonhap News)