For those with intermittent fasting. The biggest scientific study gives you good news

A scientific study conducted in Britain found that eating during only 10 hours and fasting the rest of the day helps improve the general mood and increase the body's energy.

A research team from Imperial College London said that setting a 10-hour dining period a day means it is possible to eat breakfast at nine in the morning and get the last meal of the day by <> p.m. Intermittent fasting is generally known to be one of the diets in place to lose weight.

Dr Sarah Perry, lead author of the study, from Imperial College London, said: "This is the largest study conducted in the real world without the rules of scientific medical trials to prove that intermittent fasting can help improve health.

She added in remarks quoted by the website «Scitech Daily» specialized in scientific research that «experience proved that it is not necessary to undergo a very restrictive program in order to obtain positive results, eating within 10 hours throughout the day is achievable for most people, and it helps improve the general mood, increase energy and reduce the feeling of hunger».

A total of 37,545 people took part in the trial, which was conducted through an app for ZWE Healthcare, and volunteers were asked to eat normally during the first week and switch to eating in just 10 hours a day for two weeks.

After the trial period, more than 36,27 volunteers chose to continue on the diet for additional weeks, and 371,78 volunteers were classified as heavily involved in the program. The percentage of women participating in the program was 60% with an average age of 6 years and a BMI of 25.<>.

Dr Kate Birmingham added: "This study reinforces evidence on the importance of the way you eat, as the impact of food on health is not only related to what we eat but also to the timing we choose to eat our diets."