Singer G-Dragon (35, real name Kwon Ji-yong), who has been under investigation for allegedly taking drugs, has tested negative for a detailed examination of his hair and nails.

According to the police today (21st), the National Institute of Forensic Sciences recently notified the Drug Crime Investigation Division of the Incheon National Police Agency that Kwon's nail was tested negative for drugs as a result of a detailed examination of his nails.

A police official said, "We called the National Bureau of Investigation first after waiting for the results to come back," adding, "We cannot reveal the results of the evaluation."

On the 6th, the police conducted a simple drug test while investigating Mr. Kwon, who is suspected of drug offenses under the Narcotics Control Act, as a suspect, and also collected his hair and nails for a detailed evaluation by the National Bureau of Investigation.

Earlier, Kwon tested negative for both the reagent test and the hair scrutiny.

In the meantime, the police suspected that Kwon had injected drugs at the entertainment bar in December last year based on the statement of Mr. A (29, female), the manager of an entertainment establishment in Gangnam, Seoul.

However, as no material evidence other than Mr. A's statement was secured, it was pointed out that it was a poor investigation.

Currently, the Incheon Police Agency is investigating or investigating 12 people on suspicion of drug use, including Kwon and actor Lee Sun-kyun (48).

Ms. Lee, who is suspected of cannabis and incense under the Narcotics Control Act, also tested negative in a simple drug test and a detailed examination of her hair and leg hair.

In the police investigation, he claimed that "Mr. A deceived me and gave me drugs" and that he "did not know it was drugs."

(Photo = Yonhap News)