The title of the conference of the flat-earthers gathered in Rome is "Revelatio orbis terrarum", a few dozen followers of the Living People and the ShinSekai paid 20 euros to participate in the meeting. The helical scam is the prerequisite for every unveiling: but that the earth is flat is only a starting point. With the fruitarian's manual under their arm and the sound of the sacred toad always ready to mark the time, the "libertarians" (as they call themselves) are ready to reassure all those who have thought for a lifetime that something is wrong in the story of the elites who dominate us.

The conference opened with the intervention of Gabriele Ceracchini, a flat-earth popularizer who now aims to officially found a new religion: the Cult of the New World. "A new religious denomination called the Living People (PV) has formed and is consolidating around the Cult, which also includes the People of ShinSekai (PS), suitable for vegetarians and vegans - it is written on the website - We have also established a religious body that can represent the demands of the neo-worldist people, the Temple of the New World".

A new religion also entails a series of legal benefits: places of worship, 8x1000, possible tax breaks.

Among the speakers there is also Albino Galuppìni, who argues that a thousand years would have been added in an arbitrary way to the history of the world. In practice, we would still be in the 11th century and not the 21st.
Sara Gamberoni also intervened and, writes La Repubblica today, she is convinced that rivers do not exist in nature, "but are actually ancient infrastructures, hydraulic engineering works". Physicist Giancarlo Infante, who teaches in secondary schools, certified that the earth is stationary: "The most authoritative philosophers and historians of science agree that the Copernican revolution did not start from astronomical motivations, but from ideological reasons."