Expressionist, realistic and abstract styles, sometimes adored in Arabic letters, captured thirty-five works by five female artists who presented a distinctive experience of plastic art in their exhibition hosted by the Sobhi Shuaib Gallery for Fine Arts in Homs entitled "Artists from Homs".

In her five paintings in which she participated in the exhibition, the plastic artist Maysa Al-Ali dealt with the environment and women and their relationship with some family vocabulary taken from simple houses from our traditional environment, such as windows and intimate houses adjacent in an expressive style and in warm colors that contain some blur.

While the plastic artist Salam Ahmed had a distinguished participation in paintings that simulate the female with her different emotional states on paintings of large scales in which she finds greater breadth to express her feelings towards women who confront life with unlimited strength and will.

Abstraction had its largest share in the paintings of the plastic artist Bushra Diop, where she succeeded in finding a special imprint for herself when she varied in her works between abstraction and lettering, merging Arabic calligraphy in different colors with her sense reflected by abstraction in a beautiful professional way.

As for the plastic artist Mohaba Leon, she embodied the states and emotions of the sea in her five paintings in her own style, in which she relied on the realistic and expressive approaches and another closer to abstraction, while the artist Carmen Choucaira took a unique style when she gave the realistic school a feminine touch in which she embodied women's emotions and suffering with life.

The artists participating in the exhibition expressed their happiness with this new experience, which gave them the opportunity to stand out and show their work more than other group exhibitions, pointing out that they work as a team each with their own distinctive experience and style, and that the exhibition was the result of this friendship in work and life.

For his part, the head of the Homs branch of the Union of Plastic Artists, Emile Farha, described the exhibition as important because it shed light on female plastic experiments that have participated in previous exhibitions and new ones, which allowed benefiting from those experiences that will be repeated in subsequent exhibitions.

Hanan Sweid

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