The news of yet another femicide in Italy, number 106 since the beginning of the year, arrives in the newsrooms late at night and comes from Fano, in the Marche region.

A 70-year-old man strangled and killed his wife, also 70, before attempting suicide by taking psychiatric drugs. It happened in Via Montefeltro, in the Poderino district. The man, according to reports from the 'Corriere Adriatico', then attempted to take his own life by ingesting barbiturates. The crime allegedly took place on Monday evening around 21 p.m. and was discovered by one of the couple's children, who was waiting for his parents for dinner: not seeing them arrive and unable to contact them by phone, he went to look for them, discovered the tragedy and raised the alarm by calling 112.

The man is under arrest, accused of voluntary homicide, and is currently hospitalized, mourned by law enforcement.