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Composer Jung Da-eun (31), who is believed to have been involved in the drug case of actor Lee Sun-kyun and is part of the police's internal affairs investigation, has been cleared of charges of making false statements about the drug use of her ex-lover Han Mo.

On the 14th, the court of first instance acquitted Jung Da-eun in her perjury trial held at Criminal Branch 9 of the Seoul Eastern District Court. Perjury is a crime in which an intangible way, such as a false statement, undermines the ability to prove evidence.

In January, the prosecution accused Jung Da-eun's ex-lover, aspiring entertainer Han Mo, of falsely stating that she had "never seen Han Seo-hee take drugs and I don't know how she did it" when she was being investigated by an investigative agency for drug use around July 1. The prosecution believed that Jung Da-eun committed perjury because she gave Han Seo-hee drugs.

The court stated, "Considering the fact that Han Seo-hee said that she could administer the drug on her own in her correspondence with another inmate, and that there were multiple syringes with single-use syringes containing Han Seo-hee's DNA at the time of her arrest, we cannot rule out the possibility that Han Seo-hee copied the defendant's statement after her arrest and that Han Seo-hee made false statements against the defendant in a situation where the relationship between the accused deteriorated." He pleaded not guilty to perjury charges.

On the other hand, Jung Da-eun was involved in Lee Sun-kyun's drug case and was included in the internal affairs line, but the exact details are unknown.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)