The transit of an Atlantic disturbance and its subsequent deepening between the two major islands will determine today a phase of bad weather over our central regions, with phenomena that will tend to insist on the middle Adriatic, accompanied by a strengthening of the ventilation with a predominantly north-eastern component.

Based on the available forecasts, the Civil Protection Department in agreement with the regions involved has issued a warning of adverse weather conditions. Weather phenomena, impacting on the various areas of the country, could lead to hydrogeological and hydraulic criticalities that are reported, in a national summary, in the national bulletin of criticality and alert available on the Department's website.

The warning foresees scattered to widespread rainfall from the morning, including showers or thunderstorms, over Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo and scattered rainfall over Lazio, especially over the northern sectors. The phenomena will be accompanied by showers of strong intensity, frequent electrical activity and strong gusts of wind. On the basis of the expected phenomena, a yellow alert has been assessed for the entire territory of Lazio, Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo and for sectors of Tuscany, Campania, Basilicata and Calabria.

Wednesday 22 November in the North compact thickening along the Alps, with snowfall over 1500 meters attenuating from the late afternoon; many clouds over the lower Romagna, with scattered showers or thunderstorms in the evening; partly cloudy or cloudy skies over the rest of the North. Central and Sardinia: many compact clouds over Sardinia, with widespread and intense showers or thunderstorms; many clouds also over the Adriatic regions, with widespread showers or thunderstorms, attenuating in the evening; initial bad weather over the rest of the Centre, but easing by late morning.

On Thursday 23 November, the sky will still be very cloudy or overcast in the South, with widespread and intense showers or thunderstorms over the Ionian regions and Sicily, partially easing in the evening; good weather over the rest of the country. Friday 24 November: irregular cloudiness, at times even intense over the Ionian regions, with light rain or scattered showers; Partly cloudy or cloudy skies over the rest of the country, with an increase in compact clouds from the evening along the Alps and over the Tyrrhenian regions.


Bad weather