A controversy has erupted after a video of an empty driver's seat of an SUV driving on a highway went viral.

It is a vehicle driving on a highway.

However, there is no one in the driver's seat, and the dashboard of the car says 100 km/h.

It seems that the owner of the car took the photo himself from the back seat.

The vehicle in question is an SUV manufactured by a Korean company and is known to have a driving assistance function.

However, when using this function, the manufacturer instructs that the driver must hold the steering wheel, keep an eye on the road ahead, and follow the road traffic laws.

Users who watched the video expressed their concerns, such as "it's too dangerous" and "it seems that they put too much faith in the driving assistance function."

According to the Road Traffic Act, drivers of autonomous vehicles that are not equipped with a fully autonomous driving system must be able to respond to the system's direct driving request without delay and operate it directly, and violators will be subject to fines of up to 20,<> won, detention, or fines.

(Article source: Chosun Ilbo, Image source: Online Community)