Recently, there has been a controversy over a school principal who allegedly harassed a new teacher at an elementary school, and there have been calls for the principal to be severely punished.

On the 'Wishes to the Superintendent of Education' page of the Gyeongnam Provincial Office of Education's website, more than 20 posts calling for strict punishment of school principals were written by yesterday (800th) afternoon.

This was due to a recent remark by the principal of an elementary school in Gyeongnam Province.

The principal of the elementary school said to the new teacher, "Nowadays, children see the teacher from head to toe. If you are a pretty teacher, there will be no complaints," and the principal was dismissed from his position.

On the website, opinions ranged from "Dismissal of the principal from office to a cotton bat" and "Respond with dismissal and dismissal" to "We urge the Office of Education to reflect on its efforts to push vulnerable teachers to their deaths."

In connection with this, the Gyeongnam branch of the National Teachers' Union held a press conference and said, "The provincial office of education reduced and deleted most of the statements made by the victim teacher during the investigation. We urge you to re-investigate the incident with a focus on the victim teacher and severely punish the principal who was the victim."

The Metropolitan Office of Education, which requested an investigation into the matter, said, "The school audit and police investigation are ongoing, and we will wait to see the results."

(Image source: Gyeongnam Provincial Office of Education website)