Hwang Ui-jo (31, Norwich City), a member of the national soccer team, directly refuted Hwang's claim that the video was consensual and consensual.

In a statement distributed to the media today (21st), the victim's legal representative, Lee Eun's lawyer claimed, "The victim had a relationship with Mr. Hwang, but neither at that time nor since, she had never consented to the filming of sensitive videos and had repeatedly asked her to delete them."

It added, "Instead of looking back and reflecting on his mistakes, Mr. Hwang lied through the media that the video was 'consensually filmed with his ex-lover,' leaving irreparable hurt and trauma on the victim."

The lawyer said, "The victim expressed her dislike if she knew about these things and demanded that they be deleted immediately after the shooting," adding, "It was not a situation that Mr. Hwang could arbitrarily assume that he had consented to. In some cases, we didn't even know we were filming."

He also emphasized that it was difficult for him to get angry with Mr. Hwang or report him because of the fear of leaking the video.

"Mr. Hwang has asked the victim to file a complaint against the perpetrator," he said, adding, "After much deliberation, I filed a formal complaint with the police against the illegal dissemination of the perpetrator and the illegal filming of Hwang."

Ms. Hwang is being investigated by the police for allegedly filming her sexual partner (using a camera under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act).

In June, Ms. A, who claimed to be Ms. Hwang's ex-lover, posted photos and videos of Ms. Hwang and the women on Instagram, saying, "Ms. Hwang is in relationships with a number of women and causing them harm."

Ms. Hwang filed a police complaint against Ms. A, claiming that her mobile phone had been stolen and that she had been threatened to distribute the photos.

However, the police found out that Mr. Hwang had illegally filmed a video of a sexual act, and summoned him as a suspect on the 6th for investigation.

Ms. Hwang's legal representative claimed yesterday that "the video was consensual between the lovers at the time, and Ms. Hwang was the victim of the video leak."

Mr. A, who is suspected of making threats after posting posts exposing Mr. Hwang's private life, was detained on the 18th.

(Photo = Yonhap News)