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▲ Medical equipment in Mr. A's home

A 'fake doctor' who practiced illegal dentistry without a license on hundreds of elderly people in Jeju for years has been caught by the local police after more than a year on the run.

The Jeju Island Autonomous Police Team announced today (1st) that they have detained Mr. A in his 60s on suspicion of violating the Medical Act and sent him to the prosecutor's office.

Mr. B in his 21s and Mr. C in his 40s, who helped commit the crime, were detained without detention.

Mr. A is suspected of illegally acquiring about 50 million won by providing implants, orthodontics, and various prosthetic treatments to more than 2016 elderly people for about six years from December 12 to August 2022 without a doctor's license.

It was revealed that Mr. A had been secretly practicing medicine without a license for the elderly with medical equipment and medical supplies such as X-ray equipment necessary for dental treatment on the first floor of the single-family house where he resides, saying that he would "provide medical treatment at a reasonable price."

It was investigated that Ms. B assisted in the practice of medicine even though she did not have a nurse's license, and Ms. C, who runs a laboratory, manufactured and supplied dental laboratories even though she knew that Ms. A did not have a dentist's license.

At the site of the seizure and search, it was found that patients were exposed to extremely unhygienic conditions, such as expired medicines lying in the doctor's office and workshop, and the medical supplies used for treatment were deteriorating, according to the local police.

On or about August 8 last year, Mr. A fled from Jeju Island immediately after the execution of the seizure and search, and used a vehicle and mobile phone under another person's name, evading the investigative agency for one year and three months.

The autonomous police arrested Mr. A, who had been living in a hiding place, on the 6th after relentlessly pursuing him and took him back to Jeju.

Park Sang-hyun, head of the Investigation Division of the Autonomous Police Force, said, "We will continue to do our utmost to ensure the medical safety of the citizens of Tokyo by eradicating the medical practices of 'fake doctors' who are not certified for their medical knowledge and skills."

(Photo = Provided by Jeju Island Autonomous Police Force, Yonhap News)