A man in his 20s who indiscriminately assaulted a female part-time worker at a convenience store because she had short hair has been put on trial.

Changwon District Prosecutors' Jinju District Office Criminal Division 2 (Chief Prosecutor Kwak Geum-hee) announced today (20st) that a woman in her 21s has been detained and prosecuted for indiscriminately assaulting a female part-time worker with short hair at a convenience store in Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Mr. A is suspected of assaulting Mr. B, a part-time worker in his 4s, at a convenience store in Hadae-dong, Jinju City, at around 12:10 p.m. on the 20th, and also assaulting Mr. C, a customer in his 50s, who was drying his teeth.

At that time, it turned out that Mr. A assaulted Ms. B because she had short hair, saying, "You are a feminist, so you can be beaten."

To Ms. C, who was next to her, she continued to assault her, saying, "Why don't you take the side of the man, that woman is a feminist."

The prosecution determined that Ms. A had always believed that "feminists are female chauvinists and should be mentally educated," and that Ms. B, who had short hair, had a feminist appearance, so she committed a typical hate crime.

A prosecution official said, "We will strictly respond to hate crimes that express prejudice and hatred against a particular group and its members," and "We will do our best to ensure that sentences commensurate with the crimes are imposed in future trials, and we will do our best to protect victims."

(Photo = Yonhap News)