As the weather gets colder these days, more and more people are looking for taiyaki and hotteok.

In such a situation, there are so-called muktu cases where people deposit a small amount while saying, "I'll transfer it to your bank account."

Recently, there have been many posts on social media, such as "Nowadays, there are many cases where Bungyopang and hotteok stalls do not accept bank transfers" and "I was embarrassed because I only received cash."

One user even shared her own experience.

I went to buy taiyaki, but they only accept cash, so when I asked, they said, "If you can't check the deposit details, they say it's because there are people who only sent 200 won or 300 won."

For example, you buy 2,0 won worth of taiyaki and then send 200 won minus one '<>'.

When merchants are busy doing business, it's difficult to check the deposit details one by one, so they took advantage of that loophole.

Among the internet users, there were reactions such as "They are new kinds of beggars" and "Do you sell your conscience for just a few thousand won?"

Some people said that it would be nice if Taiyaki could also be paid by card.

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