Even if there is a fire in the apartment, it is better to stay inside if there is no smoke coming in.

In the past five years, more than 5 fires in apartment buildings in Gangwon Province have resulted in about 500 casualties, and about half of them were killed or injured during evacuations.

If a fire breaks out in a condominium, there may be a large number of people at once, or the risk of an accident can increase, such as suffocation due to smoke.

In response to a series of fatal accidents during evacuation, the fire department revised its guidelines for evacuating uniformly to say that evacuation should be based on the fire situation.

According to the Fire Department's revised apartment fire evacuation guidelines, if a fire breaks out in your home, it is safer to move to an escape space or a lightweight partition if it is difficult to evacuate through the front door.

Also, if there is a fire in another place, if there is no flame or smoke in your home, it is a good idea to stay in the household to monitor the fire situation and close the doors and windows to prevent smoke from entering.

Since most fires in apartment buildings are limited to the ignition point and ignition floor, it is not often possible for the fire to spread to other floors, so if there is no smoke entering the space, it is better to stay indoors, block the smoke passage, and follow the announcements rather than evacuating unconditionally.

(Image source: Courtesy of the Fire Department)