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A post revealing that she was habitually assaulted by her supervisor at a university hospital has become controversial online.

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Recently, an online community wrote, "I'm a doctor at a university hospital. Please help me with the habitual assault."

The author, who identified herself as a fourth-year neurosurgeon at a local university hospital, alleged that she had been subjected to constant and habitual assaults by her supervisor.

He said he was assaulted in the corridors of the hospital where patients passed and in front of nurses and hospital staff, and was called aside and beaten with metal pipes and slapped to the point that his glasses were blown off and bent.

In fact, some of the attached videos showed what appeared to be a slap-in-the-face assault.

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The author said that he had been putting up with the fear and dissension caused by the difference between the position of the specialist and the supervisor because he feared that it would hurt his colleagues, and urged that the professor should be dismissed for the sake of the junior doctors.

The university hospital said it will investigate the allegations of assault made by the author.

"This kind of thing happens even among people who have learned enough," they asked, "and did you make a doctor who cares about patients into a beating?" "No matter how much the times change, the old people are still the same."

(Image source: Online Community Treasure Dream)