As wild boars appear more frequently in the city in autumn, local wildlife trapping teams are getting busy.

According to the Daegu Fire Safety Headquarters, there have been 146 calls to reports of wild boar sightings in the Daegu area this year.

In October, when wild boars are particularly active, 10 dispatches related to wild boar infestation were recorded, accounting for 42% of all dispatches.

By district and county, Suseong-gu had the highest number of cases with 28, followed by Nam-gu with 63 cases.

October to December is the breeding season for wild boars, which increases their feeding intake and increases their activity.

As a result of this, they often expand their radius of activity to the city center in search of food in the wild mountains.

Suseong-gu, which has the highest number of dispatches, has a capture team consisting of nine officers year-round.

The district has captured 29 wild boars this year.

Nam-gu will operate a mobile capture team from this day until March 10 next year.

When a two-member mobile capture team receives a report of a wild boar, they use firearms and hounds to capture the boar.

In many places close to the mountains, the Dalseong Army and the National Guard are in constant operation.

In Dalseong County, a 12-member trapping team has captured more than 9 wild boars this year alone.

Although there were no casualties this year, the Daegu Fire Safety Headquarters said that people should be extra careful because it can lead to serious injuries if they collide with wild boars.

Nam-gu Green Environment officials emphasized that people should not show their backs to wild boars, run or shout when encountered, hide themselves in nearby trees or rocks, and move with two or more people when hiking.

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(Photo = Provided by Daegu Nam-gu Office, Yonhap News)